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Copyright is applicable to an idea or information in it's concrete, expressed form.  For example, copyright applies to a book, either in written form (printed or electronic), and also separately to the same material in any other form (e.g. an audiobook).  Copyright also applies to music (separately in both recorded form and written form), photographs, paintings, sculptures, etc.


You do not need to apply for copyright - it is an automatic right that starts automatically from the moment of creation - from the moment an idea or information is expressed in a coherent or concrete form (for example, in written form, as an audio recording, etc.)


Like other forms of Intellectual Property, the ownership of copyrights can be transferred, or the copyright can be licenced.  The rights owner or owners have the right to determine who may copy the work, who may adapt it to other forms, who may financially benefit from it, and other related rights.


If your business uses or relies on written material such as marketing brochures or similar, or on audiovisual material such as training or marketing videos, then this material may be subject to copyright.  As part of your business, you may wish to licence this material, under certain conditions or restraints - for example, as part of a franchise agreement or similar.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss how we can use copyright to assist your business, for example if you wish to licence your copyright material, or if you believe a competitor is copying or using your proprietary material.




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