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There are two main ways in which your Intellectual Property is commercially useful.


Firstly, it can be used to block your competitors from making or selling items which you have protected, or using methods which you have protected.  This provides you with a commercial advantage.


Secondly, it can be licensed or sold to other interested parties.  For example, you may not have the resources necessary to produce and distribute your protected device across all the markets of interest.  However, these markets can be exploited by licensing your Intellectual Property to a third party who does have the necessary resource.


I am an expert at providing you with providing the best possible protection for your Intellectual Property, ensuring that your products are well-protected and that you have a solid commercial advantage over your competitors.  I will also give you unbiased advice in relation to your Intellectual Property, and, if applicable, that of your competitors.  Although I can provide you with appropriate, timely and economical advice, marketing your products and running your business is up to you.


If you require assistance with preparing marketing materials, or with preparing or reviewing license agreements, then I can provide advice and contacts.  If you require legal advice in relation to your Intellectual Property in other countries, then I can assist you with finding a suitable local representative.



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