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I'd like to thank my family, friends, manager, the voters at the academy...

It's always nice to get some external validation, especially when it's a one-two from both a client and a professional in the same field. So, I was delighted to get the following e-mail first thing this morning:

"Just thought I'd let you know that we got our Australian Patent granted today due in no small part to the excellent work you did 3 years ago.

We've had an Australian Attorney help us out with the examination reports and he was very complimentary on how you'd worded and structured our first submission. Much to even his surprise, it took me 3 hours to explain to him how it all worked and the true objective of the novelty. Once he understood he was all over it but it was a testament to your skills and capability that you were able to distil the critical elements into the initial submission.

We're on track now to get the same issued from Canada and the US. We've also been gaining some genuine traction with its application in recent months. If you google "Iron Matrix" you can find out all about us.Thank you so much again."

So, if anyone needs any patents, you know where to send 'em.

Contact me at

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