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      "We contacted Richard after receiving two letters alleging patent infringement within one week. One of the allegations was from a large international manufacturer and the other an individual entrepreneur. Both demanded that we cease trading due to perceived patent infringement. We had little experience of such matters and although confident of our position experienced the threats to our business as intimidating and as a start up company needed to focus on building the business.


      Richard was fantastic. He looked into both parties’ positions and the detail of the allegations relating to the patent, taking the time to compare them to our product and make sure all bases were covered. He came back to us very quickly and was able to reassure us of our position. Richard then came up with a plan of action for responding to both parties, taking into account each situation individually. At all times Richard was professional, extremely knowledgeable and most importantly for us, understood our concern and the position we were in and was able to tailor our responses to get the results. Richard fought off both threats quickly, proficiently and in a very cost effective manner. We couldn’t have asked for more and we would not now look anywhere else for IP representation."


      - Isabella and Christian Lane of Smarter, designers and distributors of the iKettle 

            As well as assisting with the infringement threats, I have prepared and filed Patent and Design applications,

and provided Freedom-to-Operate advice.


      "Richard was recommended to me by a design company who are developing my dental product. He has been (and continues to be) not only thorough in his research, but a really good communicator who emails with regular updates so I always know where I am. Richard has explained all the “jargon” in layman terms so I have always felt that I am part of the experience and in control with what is happening with my product. His fees are eminently reasonable and he delivers when he says he will deliver. If only they were all like him!"


       - Georgina Jay, inventor of the 'Brush Doc' system for sanitizing toothbrushes after use 

I provided advice and prepared applications for Georgina

         for Patents, Registered Designs and Trade Marks.


      “Richard specialises in challenging mechanical cases and delivers high quality work in tight time frames within an agreed budget"


       - John Terry, Principal, Terry IP (NZ)


      "Richard is passionate about what he does and has a thorough knowledge of his subject. He is concise and accurate in his work.  It was a pleasure working with him."


        - Mike Biagio, Principal at Optimize IP (NZ)


      "Thorough and professional from start to finish.  I'll be straight to Richard next time i need patent support, without any hesitation whatsoever"


- Steven Tomkins, Inventor



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